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The role of amino acids of the benefits of essential amino acids

Author:河北华阳生物科技有限公司 Source:www.huayangchems.com Publication time:2018/2/26 Browse:order

  Composite amino acid according to the study of hemoglobin can be found in the histidine, it has already been used to treat allergies, arthritis, stomach ulcers and anemia, it is necessary for the production of red blood cells and white blood cells that can be eliminated from the body of heavy metals. Isoleucine to regulate blood sugar, are popular among athletes, because it helps to repair and cure muscle tissue. Leucine heal muscle, skin and bones, is often recommended for rehabilitation of patients with surgery. Lysine to keep nitrogen balance, and to ensure that enough calcium absorption, it helps to produce antibodies to fight cold sores and herpes simplex virus. Methionine is a powerful antioxidant and good source of sulfur, can prevent hair, skin and nails. Alanine help produce norepinephrine (as a kind of neurotransmitters quality chemicals). Threonine helps to keep the right balance body, and help the formation of collagen and elastin, strengthen the skin structure. Tryptophan is a natural relaxation, reduce anxiety and depression. Valine is muscle metabolism and coordination needed, and keep your body in the appropriate nitrogen balance.

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