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Platform construction of science and technology promote the development of amino acid industry in ningxia

Author:Huayang Group Source:www.huayangchems.com Publication time:2016/2/15 Browse:order

In recent years, ningxia amino acid industry has been developing rapidly, from "11th five-year plan" at the beginning of the 500 million yuan output value growth to more than 50 one hundred million yuan today. However, compared with the advanced world level, the district, there are a single product, the production cost is larger, the problem of competition in the market potential is not strong, in order to promote enterprises to further strengthen technology research and development and independent innovation, with independent intellectual property rights better, constantly enhance the level of amino acids production technology, in June, ningxia amino acid engineering technology research center project was formally approved construction, in order to solve the technical difficulties in the distress of amino acid development, promote our amino acid production of comprehensive technical level into the ranks of the developed countries.

¡¡¡¡New allowed to form engineering technology research center have undertaken more than 40 countries and autonomous regions of various kinds of key research projects, has made 22 patents of invention, built 5762 square meters of research and development buildings, bought 126 sets of equipment, and plans in the investment of 32.11 million yuan, nearly three years around the key amino acid fermentation industry, generic technology development of our problems, to open, flow, the operation of the joint, the competition mechanism, set up including breeding, metabolic control, separation and extraction of nine laboratory, to carry out the amino acid producing strains breeding, fermentation condition optimization and pilot, separation and recycling, amino acid derivatives development and so on four aspects of research, to further enhance the level of amino acid industry technology and promote the development of amino acid industry continuously.

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