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Why do Chinese amino acid industry puzzled?

Author:Huayang Group Source:www.huayangchems.com Publication time:2016/6/10 Browse:order

"Although is amino acid products in China" world factory ", but compared with the amino acid industry abroad, also cannot become a real fermentation power."

  14, sponsored by the China fermentation industry association, the plum blossom group and tianjin university of science and technology to undertake "in 2011, the international union of amino acid industry innovation and development peak BBS" was held in hebei langfang meihua group headquarters. China fermentation industry association director feldspar d seized on the BBS says the bottleneck in the development of Chinese amino acid industry.

  Statistics show that in 2010, the total output of amino acid industry in China more than 3 million tons, the product of large amino acid glutamic acid and its salt production of 2.2 million tons, up 2.67% from 2009, accounting for more than 70% of the total world output, first in the world. The large-scale manufacturer amino acid industry in China has reached nearly hundred, annual output value of 44.8 billion yuan, tax turnover more than 50, one hundred million yuan, has become a "world factory", amino acid products occupies an important position in the world.

  But careful study international layout of amino acid industry, China is called the real amino acid powers: Japan's control over 60% of the global amino acids share; International methionine producing countries such as Japan, France and Germany products has long been occupied methionine market in China; Japanese flavour essence, Germany basf, the Dutch ADM and concord fermentation co., LTD is a big international threonine production; Even in the field of our country to have the advantage of glutamic acid, glutamate export in our country is still lower than 15% of the total output.

  What makes the Chinese puzzled amino acid industry? The answer lies in technological innovation.

  Backward technology gap caused by industry

  Shi Weichen pointed out that compared with the international industry amino acids, amino acid industry in our country there exists innovation varieties is less, the product research and development ability is weak; Resources, energy consumption, the environment problem is prominent; Technology is relatively backward, low fermentation yield and conversion, and all these problems closely related to technological innovation.

  Amino acid fermentation technology, for example, while the amino acid fermentation technology has made significant progress in our country, some technology has reached the international advanced level, but compared with international advanced level, the scientific and technological innovation ability is still weak, only a few part of the enterprise can produce some products, and only a small amount of production, even the amino acid industry leading enterprises in our country cannot compared with multinational companies. Although in recent years the research and development investment proportion increased significantly, but it is still relatively insufficient, new amino acid of products with independent intellectual property rights is relatively small, emerging products ratio is relatively low, weak ability of new product industrialization; The low level of equipment automation and localization, production process and technology level and there are certain gaps when compared with the international advanced level, the key technology still need to break through, lack of international competitiveness, to be strengthened and the construction of the capability of independent innovation.

  At the same time, many amino acid production enterprises in China, but the relatively small, relatively backward technology, many technical only stay in the laboratory stage, also cannot be directly transformed into productivity.

  In addition, the amino acid industry in our country high dependence on resources and environment, mainly manifested as the raw material utilization rate is not high, the waste emissions is larger, comprehensive utilization of resources enough depth and by-products added value is low, energy conservation and environmental protection situation is very grim.

  Shi Weichen thinks, want to change the present situation of amino acid industry in China, must improve the level of amino acid industry production technology, promote the development of green industry.

  Policy guidance to promote industrial upgrading

  In the face of the amino acid industry in our country development present situation, the expert thinks, from national policy guidance, promote technological innovation and structure optimization of amino acid industry in China is the trend of the development of the industry in the future.

  Professor vestbo analysis of tianjin university of science and technology, the future high value-added little variety of amino acids, such as phenylalanine, proline, isoleucine, valine, such as market demand increases, at the same time, these products have been national industrial policy support, development prospects look good. Domestic amino acid industry, he argues, needs to set up technical support system, to ensure that the strains of stable high yield, clean and efficient technology, equipment, energy conservation, environmental protection, product high quality.

  It is understood that at present the country multiple departments have issued a number of leading policy on amino acid industry. The strategic emerging industry development planning under the state council is explicitly pointed out that, in the biological manufacturing industry to carry out the new type of engineering bacteria, new enzymes, amino acids, sugars and biological materials, straw fiber, non-staple fermentation, green industrialization demonstration and application of biological processes.

  The national development and reform commission issued the catalog of industrial structure adjustment (2011) put forward encourage the development of fermentation process in the production of small variety of amino acids (with the exception of lysine, glutamic acid), and at the same time limit below 50000 tons/year and the ionization process of monosodium glutamate production line, such as eliminating monosodium glutamate production 30000 tons/year the following device. In the national development and reform commission, ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and commerce and intellectual property office jointly issued the current guidelines on priority to the development of high technology industrialization key areas (2011) no. 10 (2011) pointed out that encourage the development of small breed high value-added food of amino acids and the fermentation products of green production technology, the use of biomass to produce polyethylene biodegradable materials such as amino acids.

  China fermentation industry association the fermentation fermentation industry "twelfth five-year" planning ", points out that during the twelfth five-year, fermentation industry to actively promote the industrialization process of high value-added products, develop new amino acid of high value-added products; Improve the proportion of high growth and high value-added products and level, to strengthen the application of product promotion.

  International association of amino acids released survey revealed that the asia-pacific region has become the world's largest amino acid market, especially in the production of the world's biggest varieties of amino acid glutamic acid, 78% of its sales on the asia-pacific market. Lysine production by 65%, 63% 63% of methionine and threonine are spending by countries in the asia-pacific region. International industry experts predict that amino acids in amino acid products sales in the asia-pacific region will continue to rise.

  Shi Weichen said, in under the guidance of national industrial policy, the amino acid industry in China the builders will actively expand international exchanges and cooperation, jointly promote the development of amino acid industry. China road for the development of amino acid industry will be more walk more smoothly and prospects will be more and more wide.

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