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Release Date:2019/11/28
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  Legal number: CAS RN) : 56-40-6; EINECS no. : 200-272-2

  Molecular formula: C2H5NO2

  Molecular weight: 75.07

  Appearance of physical and chemical properties: white monoclinic system or hexagonal system crystals, or white crystalline powder. Odourless, has a special sweetness.

  Melting point 248 ℃ (decomposition) relative density 1.1607

  solubility Solubility: soluble in water, in water at 25 ℃ for 25 g / 100 ml; At 50 ℃ for 39.1 g / 100 ml; At 75 ℃ for 54.4 g / 100 ml;

  At 100 ℃ for 67.2 g / 100 ml. Very difficult to soluble in ethanol, anhydrous ethanol in 100 g of dissolving about 0.06 g. Almost insoluble in acetone ethanol.

  USES: used as biochemical reagents, used in medicine, beverage and food additives, nitrogen fertilizer industry used as a non-toxic decarbonator.

  Standard: FCCIV USP24 USP26 USP28 USP29 USP30 USP31 AJI92

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