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L-Lysine mono
L-Lysine mono
Classification: Amino Acids
Release Date:2019/11/28
Tel:0318-8638866 / 8638886

  Legal number: CAS RN) : 657-27-2 EINECS no. : 211-519-9

  Molecular formula: C6H14N2O2·HCI;C6H15CIN2O2

  Molecular weight: 182.65


  1, lysine is one of the important components of protein, the body can not own synthesis but very need to be one of the eight amino acids, due to the lack of lysine in food, so also known as "the first essential amino acid". Add lysine to rice, flour, canned food can improve the utilization ratio of protein, thus greatly strengthening nutrition food, is an excellent food fortifier. Promote growth, increase appetite, reduce disease and the effect of enhanced physique, used in canned have the effect of preservation.

  2, can be used in the preparation of compound amino acid transfusion lysine, it than the hydrolysis of egg infusion effect is good, less side effects. Lysine can with a variety of vitamins, glucose, nutritional supplements, easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal after oral. Lysine can also improve the performance of certain drugs, improve efficacy.

  Standard: FCCIV USP24 USP26 USP28 USP29

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