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Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2
Classification: Vitamin Series
Release Date:2019/11/29
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Vitamin B2 (chemical formula: C17H20N4O6, 376.37), also called riboflavin, slightly soluble in water, heating in neutral or acidic solution is stable. For yellow enzymes in the body part of prosthetic group (yellow enzymes play a role of hydrogen in the biological oxidation reduction), when the lack of, will affect the body's biological oxidation, and make the metabolic disorder. Its lesions characterized by inflammation of the mouth, eye and genital area, such as deficiency, cheilitis, glossitis, conjunctivitis and scrotal phlogistic, etc., so the product can be used in the prevention and control of the disease. Vitamin B2 storage is very limited, so every day provided by the diet. Two properties of vitamin B2 is the main cause of the loss: (1) can be damaged by the light; (2) the heating can be destroyed in the alkali solution.

Physical and chemical properties

  Water-soluble vitamins, but slightly soluble in water, under 27.5 ℃, the solubility of 12 mg / 100 ml. Soluble in sodium chloride solution, soluble in dilute sodium hydroxide solution, easily dissolved in alkaline solution, stable in acid solution. Heat resistant, resistant to oxidation. Light and uv irradiation caused irreversible decomposition.

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