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Vitamin B1
Vitamin B1
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Release Date:2019/11/29
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  Say again: "o life (thiamin, thiamine), thiamine, beriberi, resistance, resistance to neuritis element, vitamin B1, vitamin a, b, b Betalin S

  English name: thiamine

  English alias: Aneurin; Antiberiberi factor; Biamine; Betalin S; Betamin; Beta - Sol; Thiamine chloride; 3 - [(4 - amino - 2 - methylpyrimidin - 5 - yl) methyl] - 5 - (2 - hydroxyethyl) - 4 - methyl - 1, 3 - thiazol - 3 -ium chloride

  CAS number: 59-43-8

  EINECS no. : 200-425-3

  Easy to decompose metamorphism in alkaline solution. Ph 3.5 to 100 ℃ high temperature resistant, acid and alkali easy failure is greater than 5. Light and heat titer decreased. Reason should be placed in the window, cool, preservation, storage shoulds not be long. In acidic solution is stable, in the alkaline solution is not stable, susceptible to oxidation and heat damage. Reducing substances sulfite, such as sulfur dioxide can make vitamin B1 inactivation.

  Widely distributed in the skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, liver, kidney and brain tissue, has a half-life of 9 ~ 10 days.

Vitamin B1 mainly exists in the outside of the seed and germ, such as rice bran and bran is rich in content, content is extremely rich in yeast. Lean meat, Chinese cabbage and celery also relatively rich in content. Vitamin B1 is used in the chemical synthesis of products. In the body, vitamin B1 in the form of coenzyme involved in the catabolism of sugar, protect the role of the nervous system; Also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase appetite.

  Vitamin B1 deficiency, can cause a variety of nerve inflammation, such as beriberi. Vitamin B1 deficiency caused by multiple neuritis, in patients with peripheral nerve endings have inflammation and degeneration phenomenon, accompanied by numbness of limbs, muscle contraction, heart failure, lower limb swelling and other symptoms. Beriberi 18 ~ 19 century in China, Japan, is particularly popular in southeast Asia area, at the time about hundreds of thousands of people die each year from beriberi. Earlier treatment with beriberi in ancient Chinese medical books, Chinese famous doctor sun simiao known treatment with husk beriberi. In modern medicine, vitamin B1 treatment of beriberi and various nerve inflammation has significant curative effect.

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