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Aspartame (C14H18N2O5, Mr = 294.30), is a kind of artificial sweetener of carbohydrates. An alias for aspartame, APM, Canderel, etc. The international code: E951. Melting point: 248-250 ℃. The refractive index: 14.5 °.

  The nature of the

  Aspartame in high temperature or high pH situations will be hydrolyzed, so need not apply to high temperature baking food. But can be by combination of maltodextrin with fat or improve the thermal stability. Aspartame in the water stability is mainly decided by the pH value. At room temperature, when the pH value of 4.3 is the most stable, has a half-life of about 300 days. When the pH value of 7 environment, its half-life is just a few days. However, most drinks the pH value is between 3 to 5, so add the aspartame in the drinks are very stable. But when you need a long shelf life, such as automatic drink machines of the syrup. Aspartame is relatively stable and other sweeteners mixed use, such as saccharin. When used in powder brew drinks, aspartame will amino compounds and some spices mailer reaction of aldehyde group, lead to lose of sweetness and aroma. Can protect aldehyde acetal avoid this situation.


  Is a kind of natural functional oligosaccharides, from dental caries, sweet taste pure, low hygroscopicity, not sticky. Obviously does not cause blood glucose levels rise, suitable for diabetics to eat. Regulations in China can be used in cakes, biscuits, bread, made wine, ice cream, ice lolly, beverage, candy, dosage according to the normal production needs.

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