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Lactose lactose is a disaccharide, molecular formula is C12H22O11, is in the mammalian milk disaccharides, hence the name. Its molecular structure is composed of a molecule of glucose and galactose condensation to form a molecule. Tiny sweet taste.

  Properties: lactose as white crystalline granular or powder; Odourless, taste sweet. Sweetness is 15% of sucrose, lactose and beta is greater than alpha lactose sweetness. There are a variety of lactose supply: anhydrous alpha lactose, alpha lactose monohydrate and a small amount of anhydrous lactose beta.

  Lactose soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, chloroform or ethyl ether.

  Take this product than the curl, 2 hours after 80 ℃ drying, precision said, adding water to dissolve and quantitative dilution made each 1 ml contained 0.10 g of this product and ammonia in the test solution 0.02 ml solution, determination (appendix Ⅵ E) in accordance with the law, than the curl is + 52.0 ° to + 52.6 °.

  USES: mainly used as a food pigment powder adsorption dispersant, reduce the pigment concentration, easy to use and reduce discoloration during storage. Advantage of the characteristics of easy compression forming and low water imbibition, a tablet excipients, etc. Use lactose caramelization low temperature (163 ℃. The hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose 154.5 ℃, lactose is only 129.5 ℃), the characteristics of for some special baked goods, can be obtained under low baking temperature deep yellow to caramel color.

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