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  Chinese name: xylitol

  Chinese alias: e five

  English name: Xylitol

  English alias: XYLIT; XYLITE; D - XYLITOL; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - PENTAHYDROXYPENTANE

  CAS no. : 87-99-0; 16277-71-7

  EINECS no. : 201-788-0

  Molecular formula: C5H12O5

  Molecular weight: 152.15

  MDL number: MFCD00064292 other information

  Its formula for C5H12O5, it is a five-carbon sugar alcohol.

  If no specific instructions, it is hard to the xylitol and sucrose.

  Xylitol taste better at low temperature, its sweetness can reach 1.2 times of sucrose. Xylitol is often accompanied by slightly cool and refreshing feeling after entrance, this is because it is soluble in water, and the dissolved will absorb a certain quantity of heat.

  Toxicity: oral LD50 in mice is 22 g/kg body weight, safety, ADI do not make special provisions.

  To a certain extent, can also help the purity of the teeth, but excessive consumption may bring side effects such as diarrhea, it is also cannot be ignored.

  Purpose: xylitol can effectively reduce the cause of caries bacteria in the mouth. American children dental association recommend that pregnant women before the child is born 3 months should be a moderate amount of taking xylitol to reduce to caries bacteria in the mouth and prevent the child after birth for the bacteria to children when their chew food. Take xylitol continues after the child is born in moderation, in addition to effective prevention of dental caries, also can greatly reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection, and bronchopneumonia.

  As being of nutritional value. It is a kind of special sweeteners. Soluble in water absorption of heat, eat when it is cool and refreshing, and from dental caries is also suitable for diabetes. Our rules can be used in cakes, beverage, candy, instead of sucrose, according to the production need to use.

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