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Classification: Amino Acids
Release Date:2019/11/28
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  Legal number: CAS RN: 72-9-5; 6028-28-0; EINECS no. : 200-774-1

  Molecular formula: C4H9NO3

  Molecular weight: 119.12

  Physical and chemical properties: white orthorhombic system or crystalline powder. Odourless, taste sweet. 256 ℃ melting and decomposition. Soluble in water, 25 ℃ solubility is 20.5 g / 100 ml.

  Purpose: THR is a kind of important nutrition fortifier, can be fortified cereals, pastries, dairy products, and tryptophan has to restore the body fatigue, promote the effect of the growth and development. Medicine, because of the structure containing hydroxyl threonine, effect on human skin with moisture, combined with oligosaccharide chain, play an important role in protecting cell membrane, can promote the synthesis of phosphate ester and fatty acid oxidation in the body.

  Standard: USP24

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